Rijal's Food and Beverages Pvt. Ltd.

Company Overview

With a delicious collection of variety of packaged snacks and namkeen products, Rijal Foods has become one of the leading snacks manufacturer through its values, commitment and transparency since its inception.
We have a team of dedicated and hardworking employees who give their best efforts in making sure the raw materials are of top-notch quality. The automated production is handled by a team of experts while the Rijal Food and Quality Control Unit is responsible to ensure hygiene and safety in all its manufacturing processes as well as products. Thus, Rijal Food and Beverages Pvt. Ltd is driven to achieve excellence, high standard and leadership position in the Nepalese Food market.

Our Vision

Rijal’s Namkeen vision is to create the leadership position in the Nepalese Food Market by the values of Commitment, Excellence, Passion and Transparency and bringing global recognition to Nepal for quality and Efficiency.

Our Mission

To manufacture healthier and nutritious snacks using quality ingredients and gaining the satisfied consumers. Using efficiency, innovation and effectiveness to support Nepal’s growth in FMCG Segment.