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Rijal's Mixtures

Rijal’s mixture is a snack-time delight with its combination of certain savory snacks with an added sprinkle of exotic spices, to appease and satisfy your hunger craving anytime you want.

Top-10 Mixture Dalmoth

top-10 mixture dalmoth

A delectable combination of Bhujia, deep-fried beaten rice, Pulses, Nimki along with the flavor of spices, Rijal’s Top-10 mixture is your favorite snack-time pick.

Rangeela Mixture Dalmoth

 Rangeela mixture dalmoth

Combination of several spices and namkeens in one, Rangeela Mixture Dalmoth appeases your taste buds like never before.

Rijal’s Cornflakes Mixture

Rijal's cornflakes mixture

Adding a spicy and savory twist of cornflakes to your life, this mixture by Rijal’s is delicious enough to please your palate while also satisfying your hunger cravings.

Rijal’s Special Mixture Dalmoth

Rijal's special mixture dalmoth

Corn Flakes Mixture by Navarang is a tasty and delicious mixed snack comprising corn flakes and various namkeens and savories. This is a very filling and wholesome snack that can satisfy even a big hunger.

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